paul youenn

"Leftover in Paris" Paris Design Week 2022 

Duo Show Adaptism 

at Le Consulat 

Curated by Anne Bourrassé

«They are lined up on a huge stretch of asphalt. Autolib’ vehicules of the Sologne warehouse have been waiting at a standstill for more than five years. 500 cars financed by our communities, then eclipsed from circulation. Since then, nature and wear are spreading on the cracked windshields. They lay waiting in their graveyard for as far as the eye can see.

It arrives whole, the leather born from the skin of an animal and transformed by the tanneries of Normandy. In Paris, near République, it is separated in two. On one side, the part called skin. The dermis of the leather, which is 3 millimeters thick, will go to the Maisons de Luxe. on the other side is the split leather. The surplus of unused skin will be kept unsold, with the illegitimate status of scrap.

And the narratives multiply. From the useless, the obsolete, the shattered, the discarded, and the unwanted, scraps are thus accumulated in our cities. Formed in 2019 in Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, under the name «Adaptism», artist-designers Eliott Vallin and Paul Youenn conceive new formal, aesthetic and functional interpretations from inactive materials and objects. To this process, they incorporate ADM - Argentique Digitale Mobile - a self-initiated photographic method to generate new visual representations of the scrap. Drawn from the excesses - from globalization, from overconsumption, from the fashion industry - the leftovers are reimagined for reinsertion. To value the rejected becomes their methodology of work. To give a more humane existence to what is being lost becomes their approach to society»
Anne Bourrassé

Pictures by ©Frankie Allio

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