paul youenn

Moon 925


Spoons in solid silver 

Have you ever tasted a vibe?

The moon 925 spoons invite to a new gastronomic experience. The textures on the back of the spoons are a materialization of vibrations.

Thanks to an algorithm that he developed, paul youenn started to materialize vibration waves. Driven by a will to taste the vibrations, he applied these textures on the back of spoons. He aims to influence the rhythm of your dinner by playing with textures and frequencies.

"The spoon is the most intimate daily object of global society." 

He realized the first prototypes in aluminium. The rough and unusable result allowed him to experiment with the textures and the proportions. After the analysis and test phase he decided to realize the spoons in solid silver. To get a smooth and detailed result, he combined high-tech tools with the expertise of a goldsmith. "Silver is a material of transmission, it gives a specific balance in the weight and a pure reflection."

photography by François Coquerel ©

photography by François Coquerel ©

Thanks Marcel van N., GJ van DB, André van de W, Rino 

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